British Army
British Army

Sapper Ebonie Jones of 26 Royal Engineers is only 20, but is already one of the Army’s brightest sporting prospects When I was 10-years-old, I

A huge range of creatures have been pressed into service over the years as everything from spies to morale-boosting mascots. Here, we salute their

You can now buy a denim jacket with sat-nav There are very few items that everyone, male or female, have to have in their wardrobe,

The new issue of The Locker is out right now! And here's how you can get your hands on a copy:   Free with the new issue

The Army’s new TES gear is next level stuff It may look like some state-of-the-art laser tag kit, but this freshly upgraded Saab Tactical

Tallia Storm’s path to stardom began when she spotted Elton John’s partner David Furnish in a Hawaiian hotel restaurant back in 2012. She handed

Shave your beard this summer. We're following Harry Styles’ lead and letting our fuzz-free face get some much needed vitamin D. Big bushy beards are

This delicious satay chicken stir fry can be cooked in minutes, plus, it tastes great and contains 22g of protein per serving. The Army chefs

Think you need to join a gym to get in shape? Think again. Army PTI Corporal Lydia Hilson demonstrates the park workout that will