British Army
British Army

There isn’t much that can compare with the sheer adrenaline of throwing a high-performance rally car around a dusty hairpin or through a shimmering

It’s the bike trick everyone needs in their arsenal: the wheelie. 1. Get in gear Choose a gear that’s not so light that you’re going to spin your

Fall down, get muddy, win cheese – it’s all in a day’s work for a cheese-rolling champion. From rowing’s Heather Stanning to Rugby World Cup-winner

We know how it is: summer is around the corner and you’re panicking you’ve left it too late to get into shape. Fear not,

Somersaults, airtime, barrel rolls – welcome to the world of freestyle canoeing. The aim of freestyle is not to navigate a tricky course but to

Professional mixed martial artist Luke Barnatt describes making his UFC debut. “On the way to the cage that day, I was trying to control my

There’s nothing much cooler than surfing, and the lifestyle can keep you in shape for decades – look at Laird Hamilton, stacked at 52,

With a little help from the Royal Engineers, The Locker road-tests the latest in rugged outdoor fashion, so there’s no reason not to get