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How to dress for an occasion

Dress Smartly

Got to dress smart? This is where to start.

1. Shower

“Start off having a shower and a shave. It may seem obvious, but it’s really important to make sure you’re hygienic before a big day. Pay attention to the details, like keeping your fingernails neat and trimmed – it’s the little things that people notice.

“Hold off on the aftershave if it’s an interview situation – they won’t want to smell you coming a mile away. If you’re going to a birthday or wedding celebration, then it’s fine to slap a bit on.”

2. Iron

“You want a fresh shirt and fresh trousers, pressed and immaculate. If your outfit is just off the shop hanger, make sure you iron out those tell-tale horizontal creases.”

3. Tidy

“Get your hair cut about a week before a big occasion – there’s nothing more obvious than a brand-new cut, so let it grow out for a while and it will look more natural. While you’re there, ask your barber to tidy up your eyebrows and any other facial hair so you look your best.”

4. Shine

“It’s important that your shoes or boots are very clean and shiny. If you’re wearing leather shoes, get a tin of polish, and give them a good brush on and off – they’ll come up nice and shiny.”

5. Check

“Make sure you have everything for the day. Then have someone check you over to make sure there are no marks on you. It’s a buddy-buddy system. On a big day you’re always on show.”

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by Trooper Alex Grinstead

As a member of the Household Cavalry, Trooper Grinstead knows how to dress flawlessly for a big occasion.