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Feel the warmth by building the perfect campfire

Build A Campfire

Follow these simple rules to build a campfire that will keep you warm all through the night.

1. Know the basics

“Think about your fire triangle: you need oxygen, fuel and heat. If you build a campfire and are short of one those, it will quickly die out.”

2. Find fuel

“For fuel, you need tinder, kindling and the main fuel. You’ll need more wood than you’d think. If you’re going to sustain the fire for hours, think what you need, then treble it.”

3. Light it up

“If you haven’t already got a lighter or matches, use the sun and a magnifying glass or glasses to ignite your tinder. This should be highly flammable, eg: cotton wool, paper, cardboard.

“Once that is going, add your kindling. For this you want things that will light easily and keep burning, like twigs and smaller logs.”

4. Feed your fire

“Once your tinder and kindling is going, start adding a couple of bigger logs to make a frame. Put any damper logs on the outside of that frame so that they dry out. Then it’s a case of adding logs as they dry.”

5. Protect it

“Don’t get too close. Use a decent stick to move logs around. You don’t want the smoke on you, so stand the opposite side to the wind direction. That will protect the fire as well giving you the most warmth.”

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by Lance Corporal of Horse Sam Abbot

A Gunner with the Household Cavalry, LCoH Abbot has made a few fires in his time in the Army.