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Get Parkour fit

Parkour athlete does a backflip on a bridge in London next to the Thames

​Parkour is the​ urban movement sport that can get you as fit as a soldier​, and that might be because it all started in the French military way back when. We invited three Parkour athletes to show us how it’s done, and give us their top parkour fitness tips.

Plyometric Jumps

Kelan: “You can do these in the gym. Practise two-legged hops across the room. Try to get the jumps as big as you can and carry on for as long as you can. It really works your quads, as well as teaching you to land safely and protect your knees.”


Kelan: “This will definitely help you muscle-wise. It’s great for your joints as it’s not high impact. You’re using everything, arms, legs, knees and feet all at the same time, working all your joints and muscles.”

Two parkour athletes jump between buildings in London


Luke: “You use running in Parkour to gain momentum to do jumps, to gain power. It works your whole body at the same time and keeps you fit. It also keeps you in shape so you can jump further and longer.”

Bar Pull-ups

Kelan: “Another one that’s great in the gym and directly helps your Parkour technique. Practising bar pull ups and muscle-ups are really good for your core and it’s also just a really fun exercise to do.”


Max: “Practise overall jumping techniques on to a higher platform. It’s a good exercise for helping to build up the right muscles in your legs. It also helps you figure out the technique.”

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Photos: Scott Bass