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Saving face

Portrait of man's face in the outdoors

The do’s and don’ts for feeling fresh and looking your best whatever the weather


Hats, snow, central heating… Your hair has to cope with all sorts, so show it some love…

DO Give your hair and scalp some much-needed moisture by leaving in a dollop of conditioner. Chill for 30 minutes then wash it out. Repeat once a week.

DO Invest in some beard oil – even if you don’t have a beard! Its many uses give you bang for buck – use on facial hair for soft stubble, before shaving to reduce friction and even on your head for a frizz-free barnet.

DON’T Go outside with wet hair. If your hair isn’t completely dry before going outside, not only will you get colder, but the moisture in your hair together with the cold air will make it more brittle and dry.



Because nobody wants red, dry skin ruining their selfie game…

DO Moisturise. Seriously, if there’s one thing you should invest a bit of time and money in, it’s this. You’ll see and feel results straight away. And remember to still wear suncream.

DO Drink water and lots of it. We all know the benefits of staying hydrated but our skin, the largest organ in our bodies, is the last to get any of it. Hydrated skin looks better, lasts longer and can even help prevent breakouts.

DON’T Shave. If you can, let the face blanket grow a bit before going anywhere with crazy cold climates. Whiskers can provide protection.


Hands & feet

Prevent sore, cracked hands and feet with a little TLC. Here’s how…

DO Borrow/steal a tube of your mum’s handcream. It’s not about getting soft hands – it’ll stop those painful cracked knuckles and flaking dry skin.

DON’T Use harsh hand soap and anti-bac gels; they’ll dry the skin out even more. Opt for creamy formulas made for sensitive skin instead.

DO Change your socks a couple of times a day if you’re out in the cold or rain. Damp feet can lead to athlete’s foot and nobody wants that.

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