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Tattooist at work

Tattoos are now so mainstream that the Army has relaxed its rules on what’s allowed. So if you’re thinking of inking, here are the trends to watch out for.

Blackwork tattoos

At its most basic level we’re talking Joe Hart’s black arm bands, but the blackwork tatt can be way more sophisticated than that, with some people having large areas of their skin ‘coloured in’. Not for the faint hearted.





Popular with women and those of us who love the idea of a tatt but don’t fancy the whole ‘sleeve’ approach. We’re talking discreet monotone designs, maybe a some coral on a collarbone or a feather on a foot. Small but perfectly formed.





One of the fastest growing areas of the tattooist’s art. Bright, bold colours used just as in a watercolour painting, often with black linework. With a skilled tattoo artist these can be very unique, often feminine designs.




Like a ‘lite’ version of a blackwork tatt: ideal if you can’t face the hours in the chair that blackwork requires. Stylish and impressive (bottom) but be sure your tattooist is up to the job; they take real skill.

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Photos: Bicem Sinik, Ondrash, ALAMY stock photo