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6 ways to keep warm in the cold

Top tips to keeping warm

Major Nics Weatherill is part of the Ice Maiden team, an all-female group that will travel coast-to-coast across Antarctica in November 2017.

She tells us her top tips to staying warm in the cold.


“Wear multiple layers rather than one big one. That will allow you to regulate your temperature by taking a couple of layers off. You can’t do that with just one big coat.”


“Make sure you’re wearing dry clothes. If they’re wet, you’ll quickly get cold, so take them off and put dry ones on.”


“If your hands go white, it’s called Raynaud’s Disease, and it’s usually a reaction because your core is cold. That sends a message to the blood vessels and shuts off the blood supply.”


“The best way to warm up fingers is to force blood down with centrifugal force. Imagine you’ve got a bogey on your finger and you’re trying to flick it off. It might take a couple of minutes, but that imaginary flicking will get the blood back.”


“It’s the same for your feet. Imagine you’ve got a piece of toilet roll on your foot and you’ve got to get it off. It really does work.”


“When I’m really cold, I sing in made-up German, or listen to dramatic music like Mozart. It puts the whole thing into a weird film-like scene. Then it’s not so bad.”

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