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Build the ultimate woodland shelter

Build A Shelter

Build a shelter that will keep you warm and dry all night

You don’t need a hi-tech tent to keep you warm and dry all night. Build a shelter in the wild with the help of our Army expert.

1. Clear the area

“Start by clearing the area. If you don’t have a spade, you can use your hands or feet. You want to get rid of any wood and insects that are lying around, making sure the ground is free of debris.”

2. Do the ground work

“Using sticks, start to build the ground up, so that you won’t be lying on the cold hard floor. Trapping that little bit of air between the sticks and the ground will give you extra warmth when you’re lying down there.”

3. Build a sturdy frame

“Next, get a triangular frame built using logs, digging them into the ground slightly, doing whatever you can do to make them stable. For instance, you can use bark as string to tie the parts together, although this can take a bit of practice.”

4. Give yourself some cover

“Get the frame covered, using loads of branches. Then pile leaves on top of it – that’s where you can build up the thickness. An inch won’t do. You want around 10 inches of thickness to build a shelter that is of any worth.

5. Put the fire on

“You can build up a wall of sticks and leaves a little way across from the opening to your shelter. Build a fire just outside the entrance and you’ll get the heat coming back to you, giving you warmth through the night.”

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by Lance Corporal of Horse Mark Tipling

A tank Driver with the Household Cavalry, LCoH Tipling has vast experience living and working in wild environments.