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There are plenty of options available to you if you are looking for a quick fix to boost your confidence,

Ever watched the news of a natural disaster and thought, ‘I wish I could help’? Well, there is a way Every

Choose your favourite toppings, control the quantities and save some of your hard-earned dollar by making your own meat feast

1. Understand the situation Not everyone reacts the same way to the same environment and set of circumstances, so be aware

The thought of standing in a field and coming together as one with thousands of strangers may seem weird at

To train each Apache AH MkI helicopter pilot from scratch costs £3 million (each custom-made helmet alone costs £30,000). It takes

A simple oil change could be all you need to get your motor purring. 1. Flush It “Buy an engine flush from

Hundreds of thousands of travellers visit Nepal every year, but 2015 saw the country suffer a devastating earthquake in which

1. Plan your route Walk the route you’re about to follow, noting which parts are boggy. Wade through waterholes to check