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The do’s and don’ts for feeling fresh and looking your best whatever the weather Hair Hats, snow, central heating

Major Tom Viney gives you some pro tips on how to survive in the wild

Get better at running with these top running tips from Captain Tom Evans. GET A STRONG CORE Having a strong core will

Major Nics Weatherill is part of the Ice Maiden team, an all-female group that will travel coast-to-coast across Antarctica in

1. Understand the situation Not everyone reacts the same way to the same environment and set of circumstances, so be aware

Follow our British Army PTI-approved 10-step programme for your best ever physique.   FRONT SQUAT Begin with your feet shoulder-width apart. For safety

A simple oil change could be all you need to get your motor purring. 1. Flush It “Buy an engine flush from

1. Plan your route Walk the route you’re about to follow, noting which parts are boggy. Wade through waterholes to check

In a medical emergency, we 
use the mnemonic DR ABC. 1. Danger The first letter, D, means check 
for danger. If you