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Use body language to your advantage

1. Understand the situation

Not everyone reacts the same way to the same environment and set of circumstances, so be aware of that off the bat when trying to judge body language. If you’re in a hospital, it’s a natural reaction for most people to bow their heads and talk more quietly, for example.

2. Watch the eyes

They’re the window to the soul, but they’ll also tell you quickly if a smile is forced or fake. In a genuine grin, eyebrows usually lift and the eyes sparkle. If those two ingredients are missing, the person you’re dealing with isn’t really happy with what you’re saying.

3. Eyes right

Looking to the right (if right-handed) indicates someone is using the creative part of the brain and therefore may be making something up. We tend to look left when we’re trying to recall facts.

4. They’re into you

Blinking more than six to 10 times a minute can mean the person you’re talking to is attracted to you. But if you notice water welling up in their eyes, that person is likely to be upset.

5. Hips don’t lie

While Shakira may not have strictly been correct, they’re an indicator. Check the person’s feet – if you’re toe to toe, all’s legit, but if their feet are forming an L shape with one pointing away or if both are facing a different direction to the chest, they’re wishing they were somewhere else.