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What’s it like to be in The Army?

“It’s a bit like Uni. We share a kitchen and lounge, then you have your own room and shower. I’ve got loads of mates here now” – Gunner Courtney Evans, King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery


“Because we work so closely with each other, we’re more like a family. We do work long hours, so you have to keep each other’s morale up. You all push through because you’re working with close friends” – Gunner Richard Rowe, 22, Royal Horse Artillery


“I was in a platoon of 30 girls, which is amazing because you’re all in it together and there’s a big camaraderie. You get through it together, which makes a big difference” – Lieutenant Victoria Usher, King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery


“I played football for Manchester United until I was 16. And then Blackpool till I was 18. There are similarities to the Army in terms of the professionalism and the banter because it’s a group of mates into the same thing” – Gunner Jake Wolstencroft


“At parade season it’s absolutely manic, but that’s when I think that there’s no place I’d rather be” – Gunner Jessica Young, King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery


Few things have as big an influence on how we act than the people we surround ourselves with – it’s what we do to fit in. But when choices become about convention, fitting in can lead you to making similar decisions about your future as your mates do. When deciding what to do after school or university, or if you’re looking for a new job, it’s important to reach a decision that is good for you, and not just one that feels like the right thing.

Do you want to be a better you? Then a career in The Army could be the answer.