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Go wild swimming for a fresh experience

Open swimming is great for you

Wade in and go wild swimming.

Millions of years ago, before Netflix, a fish-like creature crawled out of the water and, over the ensuing millennia, slowly evolved into humans as we now are.

Though we turned our backs on liquid living, the impulse to swim has never left us.

Historians believe the first swimming bath in history dates back 5,000 years. But you don’t have to go to your local pool when you fancy a dip. If wading through chlorineclogged water is not your idea of a good time, then it’s time to embrace wild swimming.

Also known as open water swimming, it can mean anything from splashing around in your local river or lake to taking a dip in the open sea.

The difference in experience compared to the confines of a crowded council pool couldn’t be more marked. You don’t need a pound for the lockers, there are no lifeguards, and you’ll have to be prepared to embrace the cold. But a swim in the wild gives you the freedom to enjoy your surroundings the natural way. And that’s all part of the appeal.

Head to for safe UK swimming spots.

Can’t swim or hate the water? Why not stay dry and try your hand at indoor climbing instead?