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How to cook the best steak ever

A cooked steak on a wooden chopping board with seasoning

Get some pro tips on cooking the perfect steak from 167 Catering Support Regiment’s Technical Training Officer WO1 Darren Martin-Chambers

  • There are various cuts to choose from – rump, sirloin and rib-eye are among the most popular – each from a different part of the animal. Check the age of the meat if you can. Generally, the longer it has been hung the better, up to around 21 days, as the enzymes in the meat get more tender with age.
  • Take the meat out of the fridge at least one hour before and get it to room temperature.
  • Dry the meat, rub with oil, and season. Don’t use butter as it burns at high temperatures.
  • However you choose to cook your meat – grill, fry or barbecue – make sure the starting temperature is high as you want the outer surface of the meat to caramelise.
  • Turn the meat every minute or so so that it cooks evenly and doesn’t burn.
  • How long you cook for is a matter of taste, but if you like your steak well done, leave on the heat for longer than if you like it rare.
  • Bear in mind that steaks can get tough when they are over cooked because the protein in the meat starts to coagulate.
  • To test if the meat is ready, pierce it with a skewer or cocktail stick; if the juice runs clear it is cooked; if it is red, it is rarer.
  • Once it is ready, take it off the heat and set aside to rest for a few minutes. This is important as it helps the meat relax and soften. People often worry it will get cold but if you serve it on a warm plate it should be fine.

The expert

Name: Darren Martin-Chambers

Job: Technical Training Officer

Unit: 167 Catering Support Regiment

Rank: Warrant Officer Class 1

Biog: I signed up aged 16 and served full-time for 25 years, deploying to Iraq, two tours of Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Oman and Cyprus with various units.