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How to lead your sports team successfully

Top tips to leading a successful sports team

Messi and Ronaldo may score 50 goals a season, but can they service your car? Army footballers can…

Sergeant Nikki Frier is in 26 Regiment Royal Artillery and is joint captain of the Army football team, she gives us her top tips on leading a sports team:


“To lead a team you have to know people’s strengths and weaknesses. Some people can’t always play, and players get injured a lot, so you have to be sensitive to individual needs. You have to make things enjoyable for everyone – if, as a leader, you aren’t enjoying yourself and can’t motivate and include teammates, people won’t come back.”


“Being a strong leader is about making your team cohesive. This means establishing common interests, memories and things people want to do outside of the sport. This could be sorting out a weekend away for a fun event, or even going for a team meal: social activities that establish common ground and interests beyond the game.”


“It’s easy to get into conflicts during highly charged situations – sometimes people can get into rows in the middle of the pitch. You have to take responsibility and encourage people not to take personal problems on to the field, and create a working atmosphere where people feel respected and supported.”


“Recognition and reward is important. When you win and everyone is coming off the pitch happy, it’s a great sensation. Let people know they have done well and make them feel part of the success. When a season ends, we have presentation ceremonies for players and everyone goes for a drink together. It’s an important part of building that sense of belonging.”